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Loretto residents and contractors have the option of paying their Utility Bills or Building Permit fees by credit card using GovPayNet payment processing services.  There is a link on the home page to the GovPayNow site for Loretto for each type of payment.

GovPayNet collects a processing fee for each payment based on the amount of the payment to be made.  Below is a document showing the fees you will pay if you choose to use this service.

OTHER WAYS TO PAY (with no service charges):

  • Mail a check to City of Loretto, PO Box 207, Loretto, MN  55357
  • Drop your payment (check or cash) in the UTILITY DROP BOX located outside the building entrance to City Hall
  • Drop your payment off in person at the service counter at City Hall during office hours
  • Sign up for DIRECT PAY and your payment will be automatically withdrawn from your account on or after the 25th of each month.