A Place to Call Home

With the 2014 Election cycle, voters became familiar with the DS200 vote tabulating equipment.  New in 2016, Hennepin County voters will see Electronic Poll Books, or E-poll Books.  Instead of the paper roster voters have used in the past to check in at the polls, there will be an iPad specifically programmed for each precinct throughout the county.  Election Judges will assist voters with the check-in process, and with election day registrations, using the E-poll Books.  This will help speed up lines and improve accuracy.  Voters will still receive a paper ballot on which to cast their votes and then feed the ballot into the tabulating equipment, the same as in 2014.

Opportunities for the public to view and test out the E-poll Books will be made available as we get closer to the primary on August 9th.

Questions?  Call Mary Schneider at 763-479-4305 or email at mschneider@ci.loretto.mn.us.