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The City of Loretto has a Public Notification System for its residents and businesses. The system is used to get information out quickly - emergency information, public works alerts, and other important information to help keep you informed and safe in our city.  This is a private system - your information will not be shared or sold to any secondary entity.

To participate, fill out and submit the Public Notification System Sign-up Form found under the Helpful Info tab/Forms.

Each resident or business has the opportunity to have up to 4 phone numbers, one text message, and one email included in the system.  If you'd rather only receive messages by phone, or only by text or email - or any combination of the three - you can do whatever you want, just indicate your wishes on the form.

The only required information is a name and an address for use as identifiers in the system. 

If you choose the text option, we need your carrier name to activate that service (Verizon, AT & T, etc.)

Please spread the word to your neighbors and friends - we would love to have 100% participation.