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Loretto Sno-Birds Snowmobile Club

The Loretto Sno-Birds started as a non-profit volunteer organization in 1969. The Sno-Birds recently merged with the Maple Plain Snomads with the goal to build and maintain snowmobile trails in the Loretto area with the help of Northwest Trails Association, the DNR and their Grant-in-aid program, and most importantly, with the permission of private land owners and government agencies.

The club coordinates local member rides, plays "snowmobile softball", and provides MN DNR approved snowmobile safety training each year. Family involvement is encouraged. Being a member of a snowmobile club is a way to promote safe, responsible snowmobiling as well as supporting a good trail system to snowmobile on. It's a great way to make some new friends and learn more about the sport you so enjoy.

Membership is $30 per year for individual or family membership. With your membership dollars you are not only supporting the Sno-Birds, but also the Northwest Trials and MN USA organizations and are registered members of those organizations.

Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month (September through April) at 7:30 pm, rotating locations between the Choo Choo Restaurant and Bar in Loretto and Monies in Maple Plain. Joining a club is a way to support the local trails and ensure that the sport is not harmed by unfriendly laws. Participation is a fun and rewarding experience.