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Hennepin County CHOOSE TO RE-USE website

Green thinkers, unite! Check out the new Choose to Reuse website


Keep usable stuff out of the trash and obtain quality items without buying new with the Hennepin County Choose to Reuse website, www.hennepin.us/choosetoreuse. The website is a gathering space for Twin Cities green thinkers that will help you make sustainable choices for everyday living.

Features of the Choose to Reuse website include:

  • A listing of more than 600 local places to sell, donate, buy, repair, rent, and share items.
  • A Google Maps function to locate reuse resources near your zip code.
  • “Spotlight on Reuse” articles that take a deep dive into reuse topics, such as cloth diapering and the negatives of fast fashion.
  • Local event highlights to keep you in the loop on area Fix-It Clinics, neighborhood garage sales, classes and more.


Choosing to reuse helps us live sustainably by reducing waste, protecting natural resources, conserving energy, preventing pollution, and saving money. With a click on a computer or smart phone, Hennepin County residents can easily learn more at the Choose to Reuse website: www.hennepin.us/choosetoreuse.