A Place to Call Home

The City of Loretto’s Volunteer Spotlight Program was developed to help the City Council identify volunteers who are making an impact on our community and deserve recognition.  The City Council will review nominations and choose one group or individual to be “in the spotlight” in a future city newsletter.

Eligible nominations include individuals or a group of people that work, live or support the City of Loretto to make the community a greater place to live and visit.  Recognition will be given for outstanding leadership and citizenship, while demonstrating exemplary vision, civic pride and commitment to the betterment of the Loretto community.  It may be an individual or group from any walk of life, and there are no requirements or restrictions relating to age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

If you would like to submit a nomination, please fill out the Volunteer Spotlight Program form found under Helpful Info/Forms (scroll to the bottom of the list) and submit via email (mschneider@ci.loretto.mn.us) or mail:  Loretto City Hall, PO Box 207, Loretto, MN  55357.